Coach Captain for the tour is Mr. Tony Coen, whom many in the steam scene will know. Tony was formerly a train driver with the Tasmanian Government Railways (TGR) and in later years was the Tasmanian representative at and founding member of ATHRA, the Assoc. of Tourist and Heritage Rail Australia. In retirement, Tony is a certified assessor with operations in the tourist and heritage railway sector. He is also a transport historian and has written two books, one on Hobart’s fleet of river traders and the other on railways in Tasmania, the latter being a joint authorship produced specifically for the 150th anniversary of Tasmanian railways, 2021.

From GRET TOUR 2018 passenger PETER:
The biggest and most enjoyable part though was not seeing things, it was the encyclopaedic commentary provided- pointing out old tracks, trails, crossover points, road replacing rail, old buildings and their new purpose, and finally the history of just about every locomotive, from construction, deployment, re-deployment, sales, repair, reconditioning, museum site to next site to next shed to the current day. How do you remember it all?