Here is what some passengers said in 2016.
TonywithPassengers Steve, from Queensland:
The 2016 tour around Tasmania was a great way to see all of Tasmanian railway items in one week, with Tony Coen as expert tour guide it was a wonderful trip.I had never visited Tasmania before and I would recommend the tour to anyone

Tony Coen
Kay and Ian, Geelong Victoria
We were lucky enough to take part in the 2016 GRET tour and we enjoyed a wonderful time with our excellent driver/guide, Tony.  He is an historian and very knowledgeable person and enjoyed sharing his love of all things Tasmanian with us.  There were many highlights and we came home planning to return to Tasmania to see more of the things we didn’t have time to see.  The time spent at the various venues was excellent – never too long or too short, although there are always places where you would like to stay longer.   Accommodation was always very clean and comfortable and the food was always enjoyable.  The hotel at Strahan was one of the real highlights.  Another of the really good things was travelling in a small group of like-minded people, where people looked out for each other.  The scenery in Tasmania is stunning, and if you get the opportunity to take this tour – don’t miss it.


Our first ever overseas passengers, Joe and Naurine came to do our tour before they went on other railway tours on the mainland.

After they returned home, Naurine emailed: We have thought the tour was the best part of our time in Australia. I think often about how much Tony shared with us.Then later this came from Naurine and Joe, Minnesota, USA:
First time USA travelers to Australia we were thrilled to find this tour of rail history in Tasmania. We experienced every operating railroad in the state and learned a great deal about the history (the prison at Hobart), culture, plants and trees (Huon pine) , foods (Vegemite), and humor. From among our traveling companions who shared our rail interests came some life-long friends. The guide, Tony, has a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm. Food and lodging was outstanding. We would encourage all who are thinking of visiting Tasmania to take this tour – Wonderful value!.